Local Community of Xerosterni

(Xerosterni-Litsarda): From Vamos, the road continues east and passes into a group of small villages, embedded in a wonderful natural environment, with very well-preserved local folk architecture. Xirosterni built around. the interesting church of Christ, in honor of which is a genuine folk festival on 5 and 6 August, keeps better than any other village, its traditional character, with many old homes. Then the path leads Litsarda. During the last 20 years the residents (cooperation among them an example to follow) with local clubs had regenerated both oikoismous (Xirosterni-Litsarda). The settlement, with severe lesions, is remarkable, as is the church of Our Lady, with good carved iconostasis and icons Rethymnian A. Vivilakis. The folk festival on 14-15 August attracts world, source of life and growth of the settlement. Near the village Litsarda and en route Souri is the exploitable cave “Daphne hole” of archaeological interest.