Local Community of Plaka

(Almyrida – Plate – Kambia): Continuing from Kalyves the road bifurcates to Almyrida. After Kastelli, we find the old monastery of Panagia Kera, a beautiful small beach, and to the side of Gavalohori preserved of the old public road, with an arched bridge, and the tollbooth. Almyrida, a small fishing village, a few years ago, evolved into a tourist resort, for which, our municipality should pay special attention. At the entrance of the village, have been excavated from the 13th Byzantine Antiquities ruins of an old Christian Basilica 6th AD. century, with excellent quality and conservation mosaics, which require special maintenance. In Finikias hill above the site of the basilica are preserved Greco-Roman city ruins, as on the small islet Karga, a short distance from Almyrida. The village of Plaka is built on a hillside overlooking the bay of Souda. It is a community with interesting architectural style, which is unfortunately compromised by the intense building activity, mainly buildings for tourist use. The surrounding environment has maintained its character well and is ideal for walks and to the side of inland or seaward. Plaka retains its traditional character, which should be protected and no architectural control on new buildings, to prevent the alteration of space. In Plaka every Summer festivals take place Cretan music, the Plakiana in honor of Michael Papadakis, the Plakiana, a good lyre-player of recent times.