Local Community of Kokkino Horio

The L.C Kokkino Horio is built even higher, and maintains more traditional architectural character with its narrow streets, beautiful gates and roofs. In a sloping field, a group of cisterns collect rainwater interesting example of local architecture, facing thus the persistent problem of water scarcity. Over the Red Village there is a peculiar hill Drapanokefala the Calapodha (the Venetian period) and the sea area northwest of the village, is particularly interesting for the tour of the terrain, and the caves, like the cave of Petsi (Karavotopos) . In the center of the village there is also a usable cave “Properties”. Also in the Red Village, Cape Drepano a depth of about 10 meters on the seabed, is the impressive “Elephant Cave”, a room 60X60 full of stalactites and stalagmites of various sizes and colors.