Local Community of Kefala

East of Vamos, and approximately 4 miles, we come to L.C. Kefalas (Kefalas-Paleloni-Drill). The higher and lower Kefalas, refer to the Venetian as two separate villages, today they have become. It is a large village (large village), situated in an outstanding position facing the sea with a strong architectural character, the years of early and late Ottoman is well preserved, despite the “discord”, where they exist. The church of the Holy Cross (16th century) is the oldest building in the village and later churches of Panagia, Agios Antonios, the Archangel Michael, works of reputed Kefalas craftsmen, are examples of folk architecture from the 19th century. Project also the same craftsmen is the “Primary School Kefala’ which houses the Center for Environmental Education department, institution that plays a key role in the development of the municipality Apokoronos and Chania total. Interesting is Paleloni and Drill, toward the Red Village. From Paleloni the road leads to Embrosgialo, a relatively mild position in the steep coastline, which extends to Georgioupolis. Already today with a project budget of 1,900,000 euros solved a huge issue for PC Kefalas, the ring road. The project unites villages Almyrida-Xirosterni-Kefalas-Palialona.