Local Community of Kalamjtsi Alexander

At 8 km from Vamos, is the small village Kalamjtsi Alexander, an old and well-preserved village with narrow streets There are many versions of how he got the name of the village. One says that its own priorities named after a soldier of Alexander the Great arrived here. Here is the cross-domed church of Agia Triada, and an impressive construction for underground reservoir Ottoman “the SOFT”. Postal KAINAS: Vamos, a road to the southwest, leads through the well-kept community of Tsikoliana to the interesting village Qaeda with many buildings from the Turkish occupation. Outside the small village Genitsari shares or Platanos is the frescoes from the 14th century church of St. Anthony, the beautiful location Sopoto, and on the highway, the small church of St. Fanourios where great worship and where interesting religious events . From Kaina, there is another access to the Vamos through the highway, and connection to the mountainous region of Fre.