Local Community of Kabros

The Kabros is hamlet, whose name came from the river that runs through there and in another version of the many crabs were in this river and the surrounding rivers. Is a huge tourist boom nowadays and in the past. Located 42km. east of Chania and 18km. west of Rethymnon, only 4km. east of Georgioupolis. Located in the central part of the huge beach approximately 10km. that starts in the west from the beach of Georgioupolis and reaches east to the Diocese. The local beach has lovely sand and clear waters. The sea is shallow but frequently wave because it is open to the winds. The beach at families with children are very well organized and provides all the necessary amenities. However, if you want to isolate yourself, the beach is so great that you will definitely find a quiet spot. West Kavros flows the river dolphin, which carries water from the magnificent Lake Koyrna, which is just 2 km. south. The Kabros in combination with Georgioupolis other villages of the thesis Georgioupolis and lake perch is one of the best choices for a great holiday.