Local Community of Georgioupoli

Georgioupolis is a seaside village that has evolved into a modern tourist resort. It is located 38 km South East of Chania. It is built in a green area. Starting Georgioupolis, you can visit the nearby areas of, distinguished for its natural beauty. The river empties into the Almyros Georgioupolis, and shortly before, forming a small lake that is home to many birds and animals. The lake seen from the highway as you approach Georgioupolis Chania. The history of Georgioupolis is directly connected with Salty, who once had given her the name Almyroupoli. Entering the village, you will see many eucalyptus trees, both on the road and in the square, and a number of cypress trees create a beautiful picture. From the square, you will reach the small port of Georgioupolis five minute walk following the road with eucalyptus. At the port is the estuary Almyrou where you will see the fishing boats, but those who take their boats and inflatables for fishing or swimming on the shores of the bay of Georgioupolis and neighboring areas. On either side of the harbor lie the beaches of Georgioupolis and from here starts the promenade with cafes and restaurants to the east. At the edge of the harbor you will see a small lighthouse is rather decorative in Greek colors of white and blue. But the most popular attraction of the port is the chapel of St. Nicholas, which is located in the sea, in an artificial pier with rocks. It can walk up here to take great pictures. Whether the sea is calm, or the wind has lifted foaming waves, the scenery is amazing. In 1948 he created a small private hydropower plant in Georgioupolis to meet local needs which still operates today, after of course acquired by PPC in 1959. utilizes part of the runoff of the White Mountains, gathered at Lake Almyrou. Included a module Francis vertical axis. It is in operation since 1954 and has the force of 300 KW.