Local Community of Gavaloxori

(Gavaloxori-St-Paul White-Ag.Vasileios): From Vamos leads to Gavaloxori. Over a hill, lies the small village of White (stool) with buildings from the 18th century, which largely inhabited by northern Europeans residents. The Gavaloxori is a big old village with particularly interesting folk architecture, preserved in very good condition. In the village where protected, traditional preserved many interesting buildings, such as a two-roomed (18th century), the temples of Panagia and Agios Sergios, the old school and many residences. Here is the only organized by the Ministry of Culture Folk Museum of Chania, with rich exhibits of folk life. The landscape around the village retains its natural beauty, and there are plenty of opportunities for walks around the group of wells, the years of Venetian rule, the Roman cemetery, the neighborhood, and the church of St. Paul. In Gavaloxori’s women association that deals with the old art of lace making (“kopaneli”) and generally with tourism strategies. The Gavaloxori can be used for education in the built environment, and the activities of the Centre for Environmental Education.