Local Community of Filacki

Filacki or Flacki, 50 km from Chania, located in the hills above the Georgioupolis. The village was named after the Turkish prisons and Greek outposts that existed along the river Mousselas flowing through the village. This river was navigable and banks, there are still remnants of watermills. The Flack has a long history: the Late Minoan tomb (1500 BC) found here indicates the age of the first settlement. Today’s settlement built during the Venetian period and became the county seat in 1880. From this period there are the buildings of Prison and Court of architectural interest. The area of ​​the village is literally fraught by legends, which tell the old residents. Stories of Fairies, mysterious voices, miracles, framing the old churches, caves, forests and trails and make the tour even more interesting.