Municipal Union of Krionerida

[: En] The M.U. of Krionerida occupies the central part of the province of Vamos and is bordered by the M.U. of Vamos from the north, the municipality of Sfakia south east with the M.U. of Georgioupolis and west by the M.U. of Fre. The population of the thesis, according to the Statistical Office, amounts to 2330, occupying an area of ​​approximately 67.5 km2 and is mostly hilly, rich in natural beauty and cultural monuments that can be enjoyed every visitor.
Starting from the taps are the seat of the current municipality Apokoronos, one can enjoy the beauty and freshness that offers Vrissiani the river and walking alongside him to come to the Greco-Roman stone-built arched bridge ‘Greek Kamara “. From there way towards the south, the visitor arrives at the Mass and can admire the old fountain and the church of Christ the Savior. In the center of the village is the church of St. Nicholas in the 14th century, carrying icons of popular painter I. Frozen. Also in the village square Champatha is the cave of ‘Venou’ with excellent views and impressive stalactites and stalagmites. Still farther south, in Alikambos worth standing up in church “Assumption” was built around 1315 and has preserved frescoes of I. Frozen as the “Ascension”, the “Annunciation,” the “Three Hierarchs”, the ‘Eisodia’ etc. 700 meters from there is the cave of “Botonis” and further along the gorge of “Philip” which creates an opportunity for nature lovers to enjoy their rich and natural vegetation of the area. Continuing the trek to the municipality Krionerida and just before the dyes guests can admire the stone arched bridge “Koutsou” and the namesake mill, and the mill of “Bountouri” located near the headwaters of the river thighs. Reaching dyes one can relax in the traditional coffee shops and tavernas, but also to visit the cave “Krionerida” or preserved Byzantine church of Asomaton. Arriving at one admires beautiful Nippos churches, like that of Mary Byzantine Pervolitsianis the grave of Fred center. Also looming in Emprosnero, box Hinged, can stand in the tavern, noticing the stone theater and drink water from the Venetian fountain. It is also worth to peer Tower Alidakis bearing remarkable vaulted interiors, arched doors, dormitories, baths and stone stairs. Finally, follow the dirt road to the village of Vatoudiari, where is the church of Agios Mamas, awaits the hiker a beautiful natural landscape with a unique panoramic view of the northeastern part of the prefecture of Chania.