Municipal Union of Fre

The old Fre and current patent Fre Apokoronos the municipality, was one of the four municipalities of Vamos, established in 1880 and has 14 villages with 4,329 residents, according to Census 1881. H historic trail was very important paced action, national and social. In 1911 the municipalities were abolished and for a short time we had rural municipalities, while in 1925 established communities and each village acquired its independence of. The program I. Kapodistrias, in 1998 became the reconstitution of Fre, thus has limited population composition and therefore little capacity development and perspective.
The current scope of the M.U. is 53,819 acres and extends amphitheater at the foot of the White Mountains. It consists of five local communities with a total population of 1,117 people (2001 census) The terrain is hilly, producing excellent olive oil, wine and excellent forage products. What characterizes both locals and expatriates who residents of M.U. Fres is the love of their villages and the continuous effort to grooming and their prosperity. So we have established cultural associations with the objective of maintaining morals and customs and general cultural heritage. So summers there a reviving of the region, due to the massive presence of expatriates and the realization of many events in all the villages. Local communities of the thesis Fre are four dairies that leverage the region’s milk and produce excellent gruyere cheese and anthoturo. Two crafts with traditional furniture preserve the heritage of our forefathers. Four mills producing excellent and plentiful oil with acidity from 0.5 to 0.8, available for consumption. Another mill utilizes local produce carob (locust) for feed and industrial use. Today there are efforts to create traditional accommodation to create infrastructure for the recovery of large amounts of the White Mountains, which extends above the villages of MU Fres.