Archaeological sites and Monuments


Aptera was one of the major cities – states of Crete. It is already mentioned in the Linear B tablets (14th-13th century BC.) And continues to live up to the […]

Aptera Koules

The fort of Koules is located in Paleokastro area, 12km east of Chania, near the village of Kalami and close to the ruins of ancient Aptera. The fort was built […]

Intzentin Castle

The Turkish Governor of Crete, Reouf Pasha, built in 1867 the Castle bearing the name of the son of Intzentin, with the aim of strengthening the defense of Chania, the […]

Monastery of St. George in Karidi

The Monastery of St. George in Karidi Apokorona located approximately 2km east of Vamos. The monastery was abandoned for many years, but restored in 1996 and works again. The monastery […]